Friday, January 27, 2006

The Final Scrub Down.

Today after work I Drained all of the water in my show tank and gave it a final cleaning. After that I put down about 10 lbs of Ft Lauderdale sand on the bottom. After that I filled the tank up with fresh water and when the water level was full I then added about 20 cups of coral granuals. I then turned on the pumps and added about 30 pounds of salt. I need to let it all desolve into the water and later tonight I have to check it. THen hopefully tomorrow I can start adding all of my live rock back to the tank. If all goes well late Sunday or after work Monday I can start adding life to my tank in the form of blue leg crabs scarlet red crabs and of course large turbo snails. Then In about a month after all has settled I can add Fish. THen after about 2 or 3 months I can add some coral.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Balancing out

About a week ago I had all of the new pipes connected to my aquarium. I had 2 pipes for water to drain out of my show tank and the water fills up a smaller sump tank by the way of using some valves and a pump motor. Then I also have 2 pipes and 2 valves and a pump motor to pump the water back to my show tank. Unfortunatly I was not able to balance out the water flow from the two tanks. There was more water being returned to my show tank then there was water being extracted and you can only guess what happens then. If your are alittle slow let us put it this way, The water from the big tank spills out on to the fuckin floor and I have a big mess. Anyway I decided to try and take a different turn on things and do alittle research. So this morning I looked on the internet and found a nifty device called a overflow box. With this device that mounts on the side of the tank by using an ingenious method of syphoningand alittle piping I now have 2 pump motors pumping water to the show tank and an inch and a quarter pipe taking water out of the tank. So basicaly it doesnt mater how much water I add to the tank the overflow box syphons the excess water back down to the sump tank with no mess on the floor. What I really like about this is that my tank will be more stable by the use of more water in my tank system and the water level in my show tank never changes so when I have to add water I only and it to my sump tank.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Workin on the new Tank

Last week I got bored so I finally started to clean out my large aquarium. Now that it is clean I have added a 30 gallon sump aquarium and a few pumps and valves so I can have all of my filters and heaters in the sump tank and then you can't see any of that stuff in my big tank. I have it all together but I need to get some float switches so that the tanks will not over flow. Then when I get this all done I can finally get more fish and coral after about a month of letting the water settle. I hope I can make it look good like I had it before all of my stuff died.