Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Well I chose a palet to paint my house with.

On Sunday I spent about an hour looking at paint cards and booklets to drive myself batty. All until I seen a nifty little color pattern and I decided to go with it. Sunday night I started to paint in my bedroom and the color I chose is called Earthy Cain. I am going to have this color as a base coat and then Im going to choose a darker shade and spunge over it to give it a texture look. I should be able to finish this tomorrow night and then I can paint my living room and hallway.

I have chosen 2 colors for my living room and hallway. I plan to put up a chair rail at about 36 inches and the lower half of the wall is going to be a color called Brick dust which is a dark red. Above the chair rail I am going to use a color called Allspice which is kinda a burnt Orange look to it.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Painting can be such a drag

Ok Little boys and girls I'm back with a little post for your entertainment.

I am now in the middle of painting my house. I am finaly done with all of the pain in the ass taping mudding and what sux the most is the sanding.

My next problem is deciding what colors to paint my bedroom and my living room. Im leaning to the color red in my bedroom and I don't know waht to do with the livingroom. So if you have any ideas give me a few because I can't decide.

After I am done with the painting then I have to tackle the finishing of my hardwood floors and then do some trim work around the doors and base molding and I will be done.