Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Well I chose a palet to paint my house with.

On Sunday I spent about an hour looking at paint cards and booklets to drive myself batty. All until I seen a nifty little color pattern and I decided to go with it. Sunday night I started to paint in my bedroom and the color I chose is called Earthy Cain. I am going to have this color as a base coat and then Im going to choose a darker shade and spunge over it to give it a texture look. I should be able to finish this tomorrow night and then I can paint my living room and hallway.

I have chosen 2 colors for my living room and hallway. I plan to put up a chair rail at about 36 inches and the lower half of the wall is going to be a color called Brick dust which is a dark red. Above the chair rail I am going to use a color called Allspice which is kinda a burnt Orange look to it.


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Blogger Nick said...

Keith, sounds very nice. Good luck. I will have to see it when I am in town next. That will be over the holiday in which we give thanks.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Cassandra said...

I always wanted to be the person who came up with paint color names. "Earthy Cain" "Brick Dust" "Allspice" I could do it. Can't wait to see how all these creative paints look in your pad, dude!

6:46 PM  
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