Monday, September 12, 2005

Art was in the Air.

Not only was there art but also plenty of boozin'.

This past Saturday I tried my hand at alittle bartending. During the St Louis art fair in the greater Clayton area there was an Art fair and John and I decided to be bartenders. After the first half hour was going fine and me having a nice little buzz on. I got yelled at for drinking on the job. Last year it was no big deal according to John but on Friday night some drunken buffoon tending the bar decided to hit on other girls and say profanities so the drinking for us was spoiled. Thank god I got in a few shots before I couldn't drink anymore. After a few hours we were releaved of duty and we decided to check out some of the art around town. There was some really nice stuff there. To bad I could't afford any of it.


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Blogger Cassandra said...

My sister and I were assigned to work the beer tents at a hippie festival from 9am-12pm. We failed. By 1030 we were drunk and they kicked us out of bartending duties. That was my first and last time as a bartender. I learned that it wasn't the job I could handle gracefully.

10:41 AM  
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